Environmental Policy

At  Tanner Farm Park we are committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.  The Park is recognised for this fact by being awarded Gold status in the David Bellamy Conservation Awards 2015/16.  Here are some of our objectives.


We don’t like it!  We aim to keep Tanner Farm Park as litter free as possible.  There are plenty of waste bins on the Park and we would ask all our visitors to ensure that litter is put in the receptacles provided.


If you are staying on the Park and you have your four-legged friend or friends with you, please ensure that you clear up any messages and place in the ‘Dog Bins’ which are situated around the Park.  Packs of doggy waste bags can be purchased in the Park Shop.


The waste bins on the Park are emptied regularly.  We have three types:  wheelie bins for general domestic waste, bins for recyclable waste and separate bins for recycling glass.  Please observe the notices at the bin stations and only place items which are allowed.  PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY PLASTIC BAGS OF ANY DESCRIPTION IN THE RECYCLE BINS.


We use low-energy light bulbs on the Park;  outside movement sensors;  time clocks;  and off-peak electricity.


As far as possible, fallen timber is left so that wildlife can flourish.


We monitor our water usage very closely.  We provide showers rather than baths for reduced water use, and use non-concussive taps wherever possible.


We are very protective of all our trees, whether young or old.  We do not like to see items nailed to them. Ouch!  We get quite sad when someone has broken branches through pure vandalism.  Remember – without trees and plants, we will not be able to breathe!


We use recycled or environmentally friendly products where possible.


We have devised several walks and cycling routes which you might like to try.  Leaflets are available in the Park Shop price 20p per copy.  Although we try to give clear instructions, people have been known to wander off the track and get lost!  We also sell Ordnance Survey maps of the area which you might find useful.


We have an aviary near the Reception building, housing our cheerful array of brightly coloured budgies. They enjoy company but have a special diet, so please don’t be tempted to feed them.


You are staying in the renowned ‘Garden of England’ so named because almost all types of agricultural and horticultural production are undertaken in Kent.  Locally to Marden as you are exploring the area, you will find roadside stalls where you can buy home-grown produce, particularly apples, pears, cherries and soft fruit in season.  Shops in the area also stock locally-grown produce.   Our local Butcher in Marden – Ken Ballard’s – sells a wide range of locally produced beef, lamb, pork and poultry.  He makes his own sausages and also sells a wide range of Bar-b-que meats and kebabs.  We obtain all our plants from local growers.


We use re-cycled paper and envelopes and our empty print cartridges are donated to charity.  We try to use e-mail wherever possible to save on paper and postage.  Park Bookings can be made on-line via the Park website: www.tannerfarmpark.co.uk


You can freeze your ice blocks in the freezer in the Information Room.  We do not charge for this service, but we do ask you to make a donation in the ‘charity bottle’ in the Park Reception.  There is a library of books which you are welcome to use.  Again we would appreciate a charity donation.  The funds collected during the year are donated to our local Medical Centre and to a nominated charity.  In the past we have donated funds to Macmillan Cancer Relief, Cancer Research UK, Marie Curie, Cystic Fibrosis, Deaf Children, and the British Legion.  Thank You.