Lodge Holiday Lets Rules

Site Rules

  1. The lodge may be occupied and used by no more than 4 people at any time.
  2. Check-in is from 15.00, and check-out is by 11.00. We may be able to accommodate early check-in or late check-out, depending on other guests, so please do ask and we will help if we can.
  3. By placing a booking at Tanner Farm Park, you agree to adhere to our booking terms and conditions, as shown on our website at https://www.tannerfarmpark.co.uk/info/terms-and-conditions/. The site is used at your own risk.
  4. Please drive slowly around the park – 5 MPH or walking pace.
  5. Children staying at the lodges are welcome to enjoy the play facilities available across the park. The safe use of bicycles is permitted. Skateboards are not allowed on this site. For safety reasons, cycles and scooters are not allowed on the paved area around the toilet blocks. Cycles must be ridden with care and with lights after dark, and should not be used on the walks surrounding the site.
  6. All litter and refuse must be disposed of in the receptacles provided. We have bins for general waste, paper/cardboard/tins/plastics, and glass. We hope you will help us to protect our environment by using these appropriately.
  7. You have a paved parking area to the right of your lodge, with steps leading to your decking. Please ensure any vehicles parked on this area do not cross the boundary onto the access road as this will restrict access by other users. Please do not drive or park on the grass in any area.
  8. Please note that commercial vehicles (such as sign-written vans, or vans with no rear windows) are not permitted on site, and must be parked before the security gate. They may be driven on to site briefly for loading/unloading purposes only.
  9. Pets of any kind are not permitted in the lodges. If dogs are brought to site, they must be kept on a lead at all times.
  10. Open fires are not permitted at the lodges, and the use of barbecues is at the reasonable discretion of the Management.
  11. The possession or use of airborne toys such as drones, firearms of any kind, catapults, metal detectors, children’s motorised vehicles and the like is strictly forbidden by visitors to Tanner Farm Park.
  12. To ensure the quiet enjoyment of the Park at night, parents and guardians are requested to ensure that those under the age of 16 are back to their units by 10.30 p.m. Visitors to the Park are requested to observe reduced noise levels after 11.00 p.m. Please always be considerate towards your neighbours.